Feel secure and confident as your children return to school, protecting them with 99.9% germ-fighting power. Stash Doc Hygiene™ in your child’s backpack, lunchbox, and pencil pouch for easy hand sanitizing throughout the day. Convenient and compact, Doc Hygiene™ will help to ensure it’s students’ minds that are growing, not the bacteria and viruses on their hands!

Weekly Shopping

When shopping trips are hands-on, whether touching items on the grocery shelves or clothes on the rack, don’t bring something home you don’t need - illness. Take Doc Hygiene™ along on all your important errands and outings to keep life moving as usual with a germ-killing superhero in tow.

Traveling the World

Sometimes, life calls for a trip. But wherever people travel, germs do, too. Don’t bring sickness along for the ride. Instead, pack our premium hand sanitizing packets to combat germs that live on airplane armrests and taxi cab seat belts. Whether for business or pleasure, Doc Hygiene™ protects you and your loved ones when adventure calls.

Back to the Office

When heading back to the office, Doc Hygiene™ is your best business partner in staying safe and healthy. Keep our sanitizing packets in your briefcase or desk drawer for convenient cleaning. Business owners, enlist Doc Hygiene's™ aid to ensure a healthy workplace. Put Doc Hygiene™ on the job in restrooms, conference rooms, and within reach of patrons. Contact us to find out more about adding a company logo.

Healthy Habits

We talk about germs, we are usually referring to four different things:

● Bacteria - Bacteria causes things like ear or sinus infections, pinkeye, strep throat, and some types of pneumonia. Only illnesses caused by bacteria respond to antibiotics.

● Viruses - The common cold, influenza, and COVID-19 are viruses. Though certain medications can help, viruses do not respond to antibiotics. Sometimes, illness caused by a virus can develop into a bacterial infection. For example, influenza can develop into bacterial pneumonia or a cold can become a sinus infection. Antibiotics will knock out the bacterial infection but not the underlying illness, if there is one.

● Fungi - In humans, fungi generally causes rashes, such as athlete’s foot. Treatment usually involves topical ointments.

● Protozoa - Protozoa are one-celled organisms. Malaria spread by mosquitoes is one type of protozoa. Organisms spread through water that cause diarrhea and nausea are also protozoa. A variety of protozoal illnesses and treatments exist.

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