There When You Need Them The Most

Who We Are

Doc Hygiene™ brings the highest level of germ-killing power to people on the go. Formulated by doctors, our premium single use hand-sanitizer packets keep you and your family feeling confident, secure and armed to eliminate 99.9% of germs on contact in a matter of seconds. Developed in the USA and FDA approved, our portable, compact, fragrance-free packets are specially formulated with aloe vera and Vitamin E to keep your hands soft and clean throughout the day

About Us

From school to the office, dining out or running errands, Doc Hygiene™ is perfect for backpacks, purses, pockets, and your car’s center console for no-wash, quick-dry hand protection. In the battle against COVID-19, seasonal flu, or other germs, Doc Hygiene™ fights back with 75% ethyl alcohol potency, exceeding CDC recommendations by over 15%

Getting Around Town

For commuters and busy families, Doc Hygiene’s™ mobile sanitizing packets are the perfect solution to eliminate 99.9% of germs while on the go. Conveniently carried in your pocket, purse, and backpack, Doc Hygiene™ will kill germs during and after a busy school day, long day at work, or simply finishing your to-do list.

Dining Out

Worried about the germs you may pick up while dining out? Doc Hygiene™ is the solution to feeling clean and safe anywhere you go. Keep Doc Hygiene™ in a purse or back pocket to sanitize your hands after touching door handles and menus. Discrete and convenient, Doc Hygiene™ is the germ-fighting superstar when meeting friends or business colleagues, during date night, or when you simply need to get out of the house.


Feel secure and confident as your children return to school, protecting them with 99.9% germ-fighting power. Stash Doc Hygiene™ in your child’s backpack, lunchbox, and pencil pouch for easy hand sanitizing throughout the day. Convenient and compact, Doc Hygiene™ will help to ensure it’s students’ minds that are growing, not the bacteria and viruses on their hands!

Traveling the World

Sometimes, life calls for a trip. But wherever people travel, germs do, too. Don’t bring sickness along for the ride. Instead, pack our premium hand sanitizing packets to combat germs that live on airplane armrests and taxi cab seat belts. Whether for business or pleasure, Doc Hygiene™ protects you and your loved ones when adventure calls.

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