The Correct Way to Use Hand Sanitizer

Now more than ever, it’s essential to keep hands clean—especially when you’re out and about.

You may know the benefits of keeping hand sanitizer on your person, and of finding a solution that’s free from methanol (a toxic wood alcohol not to be confused with ethanol).

But do you know the right way to apply hand sanitizer? This post will explore exactly that and show you the correct way to use hand sanitizer!

How Hand Sanitizer Works
Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are designed to break down germs.

This means that, when sanitizing the hands, you need to make sure you’re using enough product to do the trick. (Doc Hygiene’s single-use packets are great for rationing out the sanitizer.)

In addition to making sure you have enough of the stuff, you need to expose the alcohol long enough to work. Ideally, to break down all the germs, it should take no fewer than 20 seconds for your hands to fully dry—and your hand sanitizer should consist of at least 60% alcohol.

Hand Sanitizing Techniques
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists a three-step approach to washing the hands:

  1. Liberally apply the sanitizer to the hands.
  2. Cover both hands entirely, rubbing the palms together.
  3. Continue until the hands are completely dry.

World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines take this a step further, suggesting that you rub the right palm over the left hand with the fingers interlaced, and then switch sides, before rubbing the backs of the fingers for optimal results.

Consistency Is Key
While the above tips and insights are important, you should above all else be using hand sanitizer consistently.

This is where we come in. Doc Hygiene exceeds CDC guidelines, offers unparalleled germ-killing power, and features 75% ethyl alcohol in our anytime packets to keep customers safe.

An added bonus: Our sanitizer is easy to transport and can be taken with you anywhere.

Doc Hygiene’s FDA-registered product is completely safe and produced in controlled factory environments. It also features a unique single-use disposable packet delivery system for your convenience!

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