Sick at Home? 5 Things Doc Hygiene Recommends You Do!

The tough thing about 2020 is that even if we don’t get the novel coronavirus, we may still get sick with the common cold or flu.

If you or a loved one is sick at home—regardless of whether you’re fighting a cold or the novel coronavirus—here are five things to keep in mind:

1. Have the person who is sick stay home.

Though it might not be the coronavirus, you don’t want to take any undue risks. Unless the sick person needs medical care, have them stay home.

2. The rest of the family should stay home too.

Have your groceries delivered. Reschedule in-person errands, or have others do them for you. Integrate home workouts into your routine. Be upfront with your employer.

3. Inform people who have been around the sick person.

We’re well-versed on the benefits of contact tracing by this point. Make sure everyone who’s been around the sick person in the last couple of weeks knows about the situation.

4. Clean household objects and surfaces that get touched frequently.

Doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, faucet handles—you name it. These objects—along with toys, countertops, phones and other items—need to be disinfected regularly.

5. Wash the sick person’s clothing and bedding on the hottest possible temperature.

An added bonus if you wear gloves while doing laundry! (Be sure to wash your hands even if you wear gloves.) As the saying goes, you can never be too careful.

And of course, you and your family should go out of your way to keep the hands clean. Our hand sanitizer is a great place to start.

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