Medical Professionals: Are You Wearing Your Face Mask Correctly?

Many healthcare professionals are used to wearing medical masks. . 

While doctors and nurses have historically used them in certain environments (i.e., during surgery), these masks have now become commonplace.

Today all healthcare staff must wear them. Even administrators are sporting medical masks and other personal protective equipment.

So, now we have to ask: Are you putting your medical mask on correctly?

Here are some best practices to keep in mind during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Clean the hands before touching the mask.

Either use soap and water for 20 seconds, or sanitize the hands with a healthcare-grade formula featuring at least 60% alcohol (per CDC recommendations). Bonus points if you do both.

  • Hold the mask by the ear loops.

When putting your mask on, hold it by the ear loops rather than the front. Gently place a loop around each ear.

  • Focus first on the bottom of the mask.

At this point, you can pull the very bottom of your medical mask over your mouth and chin to ensure a proper fit.

  • Pinch the mask’s stiff edge over your nose.

As you may well know, it’s important to cover your mouth and your nose with your medical mask. Molding the stiff edge to your nose will keep everything snug.

  • Avoid touching the front of the mask.

This is pretty essential while you’re wearing the mask—and an effective way to keep the hands clean. (If you slip up, go ahead and wash those hands again.)

  • Discard the mask after use.

Be sure to throw your medical mask away in the garbage at the end of your shift. Do not leave the mask on a common surface, and do not use it a second time.

  • Wash the hands again.

Once again, clean your hands with soap and water after discarding your mask. You may choose to reapply hand sanitizer as well.

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