Kid-Friendly Hand Hygiene Strategies

We know, we know—it can be tough to get your kids onboard with hand hygiene. 

The pandemic makes this practice pretty essential, though.

And there are a number of proven strategies you can rely on to make cleaning the hands a fun and family-friendly activity.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Focus on Building Healthy Habits

Hand washing skills take time to develop. Fortunately, creating a routine can help set healthy reminders.

This is just what the proverbial doctor ordered where your kids’ hand hygiene is concerned.

So, encourage your children to wash their hands before and after every meal—and after each time they use the bathroom.

And as the novel coronavirus pandemic goes on, you’ll also want to make it clear that your kids should be sanitizing their hands after every time they touch a public surface. This is especially important for those who are going back to school in person this fall.

  • Make Hand-Sanitizing a Joint Activity

Young kids in particular learn from example—so why not lead by example and make sanitizing the hands a team effort?

You may decide to give your kids their own tube of hand sanitizer (or their own Doc Hygiene single-use packets), and sanitize your hands together when you’re running around during the day.

And at home, aim to wash your hands together, one at a time. Be sure to encourage your kids to use plenty of soap during this process.

  • Sing Two Rounds of Hand washing “Happy Birthday”

Keeping the hands clean is one of the most effective ways to limit the spread of germs.

To really engage your little ones in the process, make sure they scrub—or sanitize—for at least 20 seconds. And rather than simply having them count to 20, have them sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice. Young kids will get a kick out of this one—we promise.

Doc Hygiene’s FDA-registered product is completely safe and produced in controlled factory environments. It also features a unique single-use disposable packet delivery system for your convenience! 

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