At Daycare Centers, Hand Sanitizer Is Crucial. Here’s Why

In the before times, many parents would jokingly refer to daycare as a “germ factory.”

But childcare is a vital resource—especially for essential workers. Most childcare centers are even open during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Can hand sanitizer help keep daycare centers safe?

Why Are There So Many Germs at Daycare?

Both adult and child daycare centers may increase the risk of transmission of illness. COVID-19 is no exception.

Having a number of people indoors for hours at a time in close proximity is one reason for this. Other reasons, for children’s daycare in particular, include: 

  • Behavioral habits

Daycare charges and staff interact with others on a consistent basis. There’s a great deal of close interpersonal contact, and the frequent use of shared objects (i.e., games and toys) and surfaces.

  • Understanding of personal hygiene

Many children are still learning about personal hygiene. They might not yet wash their hands adequately. They might still touch shared surfaces, and then stick their fingers in their mouth or eyes.

This is where hand sanitizer may come in.

Hand Sanitizer: Keeping Daycare Centers Safe

Research shows that the use of hand sanitizer in daycare centers can be quite beneficial.

The results found that children who keep their hands clean contract fewer respiratory and other infections.

So, if you haven’t already, educate your daycare community on the benefits of hand sanitizer featuring 60% or more alcohol. (Doc Hygiene includes 75% alcohol in our formula.) Teach those in your care to apply hand sanitizer correctly, covering the surfaces of both hands for at least 20 seconds.

Sanitizing Supervision Tips

Whether you operate an adult or a child daycare facility, you’ll want to encourage your charges to sanitize their hands on a regular basis. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure young children are supervised when applying hand sanitizer.
  • Issue reminders to apply hand sanitizer when necessary.
  • Distribute FDA-registered, single-use packets of hand sanitizer to ensure the correct dosage.

And ultimately, remember that sanitizer can go a long way in protecting the people in your care.

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