8 Reasons to Trust Doc Hygiene’s Hand Sanitizer  

In an effort to practice good hygiene, you might have browsed the internet for the perfect hand sanitizer.

Maybe you went on Etsy and picked up a small homemade concoction.

Maybe you bought whatever looked good—perhaps without consulting the Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) recall list.

Or, maybe you purchased hand sanitizer from a trusted source like Doc Hygiene. Here are eight reasons to choose our brand for your hand-sanitizing needs:

1. No Methanol Guarantee

While some sanitizers are rather ambiguous about the ingredients they use, we offer a no methanol guarantee. This means we steer clear of the toxic wood alcohol (not to be confused with ethanol).

2. Higher Alcohol Percentage

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends all hand sanitizers include at least 60% alcohol. Doc Hygiene takes that a step further and uses 75% alcohol in our formula!

3. No Gross Smell

Most of us have used an unfamiliar brand of hand sanitizer, only to wince at the overpowering stench! Doc Hygiene is different—and no gross smell is just one of our promises to you.

4. 99% Germ-Killing Power

Not all hand sanitizers offer near-guaranteed germ-killing power. Our FDA-approved formula, however, has been found to eliminate pretty much all the bad stuff.

5. Moisturizing Aloe and Vitamin E

While the alcohol in many hand sanitizers can dry out the skin, Doc Hygiene features moisturizing ingredients designed to refresh and rejuvenate.

6. Portable & Easy to Use

Need we say more? You can take Doc Hygiene with you anywhere—and using it is super-seamless and intuitive.

7. FDA-Registered

No doubt you want to use a product you can depend on. Backed by the FDA, families can rest assured they’re in good hands with us (pun intended).

8. CDC Recommended Dosage

Unsure of how much hand sanitizer you need? Our single-use packets offer the exact CDC recommended dosage.

How does this sound? Consider Doc Hygiene your trusted, germ-killing choice for all things hand sanitizer...During the pandemic and well into the future, we’ve got you covered.

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