3 Ways Doc Hygiene Can Protect Chiropractors

As a chiropractor, your goal is to relieve patients’ pain and increase their function.

You don’t perform surgery. You don’t prescribe medications. Generally, you don’t interact with sick people (certainly not during COVID-19).

Under normal circumstances, you adjust the spine and other parts of the body. You help patients achieve proper alignment.

But these aren’t normal times. And though serving your patients is no less critical, right now you need to prioritize keeping your clients and staff healthy.

This is where hand sanitizer comes in. Here are three ways Doc Hygiene will benefit chiropractors during the pandemic:

  1. Unparalleled Germ-Killing Power

Your patients and staff may feel apprehensive about dropping by the clinic. The right hand sanitizer, however—paired with face coverings and other safety best practices—will keep your space virtually germ-free.

In fact, Doc Hygiene’s FDA-approved formula features 99.9% germ-killing power.

Fast-acting and effective, it’s actually what the doctor ordered.

  1. The Right Kind (and Percentage) of Alcohol

Our formula features 75% ethyl alcohol. Most hand sanitizers only contain about 70% alcohol, but we thought we’d go the extra mile—taking things 15% higher than the CDC’s minimum recommended amount.

It’s also worth noting that ethyl alcohol (also known as ethanol) is completely safe.

While recalls abound for sanitizers that contain the toxic wood alcohol methanol, we only use what the experts have deemed low-risk and effective.

  1. Perfect for Traveling

Each single-use Doc Hygiene packet is portable and can be taken anywhere.

Whether your patient or staff member is entering or leaving the clinic, why not give them a few extra packets as a precaution? Each one contains 3ml of hand sanitizer—more than enough to properly sanitize the surface of both hands. Your community will appreciate the effort you’re making. 

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