Make Any Moment Safe & Clean

FDA Registered

Kills 99.9% Germs

Moisturizing With Vitamin E & Aloe

75% Ethyl Alcohol
CDC Recommended

Use Anywhere Anytime

Learn why thousands have switched from clumsy, messy hand sanitizer bottles and now trust our Anytime Sanitizer Packets.

Our gentle formula contains aloe vera and vitamin E, to keep your hands soft and 99.9% germ free.

Tiny Packet, Big Punch

Designed and developed in the United States, Doc Hygiene™ provides a mess-free, compact alternative to traditional, bulky, bottled hand sanitizer. With premium, germ-killing capability, Doc Hygiene's single-use hand sanitizing packets meet FDA standards and exceed the recommended CDC guidelines for healthy hygiene.

Doc Hygiene
Sanitizing Wipes

Doc Hygiene premium sanitizing wipes are safe for your hands (NO BLEACH), made with soothing aloe, and vitamin E to keep your hands soft, moisturized - and 99.9% germ free!

Wipe down what you value most with confidence.

Mobile defense for individuals, families, and business owners

Contact Our Team for customized large business safety solutions.

Do you need white-label, wholesale, or bulk Doc Hygiene pricing?

We’re here to customize solutions that solve your organization's health and safety needs. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations protect their employees and members.

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Back to School

With your help, DOC can be on call in every classroom in America. DOC is committed to the health and wellness of every community. We believe our children's futures begin in the classroom. For every 40,000 boxes of DOC sold, Doc Hygiene™ will donate 25,000 packets of DOC to a classroom, teacher, or school district in need.

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